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Manduka Cross Strap Bra - Black

Designer: Manduka

RM135.00 MYR RM269.00 MYR

Designed to provide unconditional support no matter which way you flow, the Cross Strap Bra can be worn alone or as a foundation to build on. The soft stretch fabric and expansive rib band give you room to breathe while the supportive criss-cross straps encourage hours of inversion play.
  • 65% Recycled Polyester / 22% Polyester / 13% Spandex, GRS Certified.
  • Constructed interior bra with removable cookies
  • Strappy configuration for optimal support
  • Soft tricot interior lining
  • Four-way stretch
use & care
We recommend caring for your garments by washing & drying in low temperatures as much as possible in order to prolong their useful life and also conserve the earth's energy. Always avoid using fabric softeners - they can inhibit wicking & breathability in performance fabrics. We never recommend dry cleaning.
All our apparel is designed to support both your practice and the planet. We've made mindful choices about the fibers we use, how we dye them and the processes by which they all come together. We use fabrics either made from recycled polyester, organic cotton and plant-based material because they are kinder to the earth and comforting to your body.

Shirt bra for exercise and yoga strap design duo behind the crossover. It's compact body proportions With fiber quality So wear a soft touch to the skin. It also allows better ventilation. Streamlined movement with all sporting events Exercise, including yoga

  • Recycled polyester fabric is 65% polyester and 22% spandex, 13% certified GRS.
  • Slimming properly
  • The fabric soft and comfortable Do not scratch the surface
  • The fabric can stretch four directions. Streamlines time-worn
Use and Maintenance
Advice should maintain the fabric by washing and drying, low temperature. To extend lifespan Avoid using fabric softeners. Avoid dry cleaning
Manduka clothing is designed to support every workout and your yoga practice. We have selected the finest fabrics. Including the process of dyeing fibers. We use fibers from recycled polyester. Organic cotton fibers. And material basis Because we care about the planet And natural materials are gentle on your skin, too.

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